Deforestation: A Global Issue

It is estimated that for every second of time that passes the world loses 1.5 acres of forest. Besides being home to millions of different species of wildlife and precious ecosystems the world's forests also play a crucial role in our ever growing fight against climate change. With over 30 million acres of forests and woodlands lost every year due to deforestation it is estimated that an additional 1.5 billion tons of CO2 is being released into our fragile atmosphere every single year. 

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Tree Nation with the goal of offsetting our CO2 output and fighting back against aggressive deforestation.

Learn More About Tree Nation

We plant a tree for every product sold. Well actually.. you do. With every order placed Tree Nation will plant a tree in your name where the world needs it most. With projects located around the world your support may go towards planting a tree in Madagascar, Bolivia, Kenya, Peru, France, and many other areas. The best part is along with your order you will receive an email outlining all of the details including where your tree will be planted, the species of tree, and the full details on the project. You’ll also be able to track the growth of your tree along with an interactive map that shows the impact of their ongoing projects. 

At Shutter & Contrast, we are connected to our planetary role as a company and accept our responsibility to offset our personal C02 footprint. As we grow, so will our forest.

Our Forest