Camera Lens Pouch (4 Pack)

Keep your extra lenses safe and secure with this set of neoprene pouches. Lined with soft lycra cloth, each pouch provides scratch and shock resistant protection. The drawstring pouches also include a quick-clip buckle and handle making them convenient to carry or store in your camera bag until needed.

  • Shock & Scratch Protection: Using extremely soft lycra cloth the interior of each pouch is designed to provide your lens with maximum protection from bumps and scrapes
  • Convenient to Carry: Each pouch includes a side handle and quick-clip buckle making them easy to transport from place to place
  • 4 Sizes: Your order includes four lens pouches with the following sizes. S (lenses up to 3"), M (lenses up to 4.5" in length), L (lenses up to 7" in length), and XL (lenses up to 8.5" in length)
  • Fits Most DSLR Lenses: The drawstring design adjusts to fit the most major lens sizes
  • Dimensions: Small: (3.1" x 4"/ 78 x 100mm), Medium: (4" x 5.5" / 100 x 140mm), (4" x 7" / 100 x 180mm), (4" x 9.4"/ 100 x 240mm)
  • Material: Neoprene and Lycra fabric
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